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In-Home & On-Site Child Therapy Services

Speech Therapy

When your child has trouble communicating, speech therapy can help. They’ll learn how to express themselves and other basic language skills.

Physical Therapy

Whether your child has a sports injury or a condition that affects motor skills, physical therapy can make movement easier and less painful by helping them gain strength, balance and coordination.

Occupational Therapy

Improving your child’s everyday quality of life is the focus of occupational therapy. Your child’s therapist will help them learn to eat, bathe and dress on their own to the best of their ability.

ABA Therapy

Discourage negative behaviors and help your child thrive in interpersonal relationships through applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, most commonly used to help individuals affected by an autism spectrum disorder.

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As one of the premier children’s therapy centers in Texas, we’re always ready to help you, your child and your family get the services you need. To learn more about any of our therapies or get a referral to our practice, contact us today.

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