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Pediatric Speech Therapy Services in Texas

As your child gets older, they begin to show signs of communicating, such as understanding and expressing language, speaking and using nonverbal skills. However, you may notice that your child has begun to struggle in school or even when communicating with you. Speech delays can present new challenges, but it's important to remember that all children develop at different rates. By addressing the issues they are experiencing, you can aid them in refining their communication abilities.

When speech disorders occur, speech therapy can help determine where your children are developmentally and work through any challenges they are experiencing through various techniques. At Premier Pediatric Therapy, we provide high-quality therapy sessions for speech delays that can help your child learn and grow in a comfortable environment.

Common Areas We Can Address With Speech Therapy

Children who struggle with speech may have a difficult time building skills such as auditory processing, listening comprehension and social skills and may need speech therapy to help them along.

Some common areas that we can address with our speech therapy services include:

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Articulation.
  • Understanding and expressing language skills.
  • Speech production.
  • Oral motor mobility.
  • Auditory processing.
  • Utilization of augmentative communication devices.
  • Feeding and swallowing.
  • Social skills.

With the help of our experienced speech-language pathologists (SLPs), addressing these areas can increase your child's self-esteem, improve their voice quality and close developmental gaps with their peers.

Who Benefits From Speech Therapy?

The causes for speech delays can be congenital, developmental or acquired as children visit speech pathologists for various reasons. Children who experience difficulties in swallowing or eating to mental or emotional challenges can greatly benefit from pediatric speech services.

Speech therapy sessions can also benefit children who experience:

  • Stammering or stuttering.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Oral Motor Disorder.
  • Difficulties producing sounds and symbols.
  • Hearing Disorders.
  • Down Syndrome.
  • Cleft Palate.

In-Home Speech Therapy Services Throughout Texas

At Premier Pediatric Therapy, we understand the importance of specialized care for each child. We perform a custom evaluation to give our SLPs a deeper understanding of your child's speech development. This initial evaluation also gives our child speech therapists the information to create a personalized treatment plan catered to your child's needs.

We believe the best way to treat your child is in a familiar and comfortable environment, which is why we offer in-home speech therapy services. A more relaxed environment can allow your child to have fun and be playful while learning essential skills needed to improve their communication skills.

In-home services also allow your family to learn ways to help when the therapist isn't around.

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We are dedicated to giving your child the treatment they need to achieve the confidence and communication development that they deserve. At Premier Pediatric Therapy, we provide custom evaluations to get to the root of your child's struggles and help them gain the tools to communicate effectively. Find one our of pediatric speech therapist near you today!

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