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Frequently Asked Questions

At Premier Pediatric Therapy, our individualized programs ensure that your child's care is our top priority. Read through these frequently asked questions to learn more about our approach to pediatric developmental therapy.

What Is Pediatric Developmental Therapy?

Pediatric developmental therapy encompasses how a child grows across all areas of their development, such as language, communication, cognition, socialization, motor skills, emotions and self-help. Premier Pediatric Therapy offers speech, physical, occupational and ABA therapies to assist your child's growth through enjoyable and engaging activities. 

How Does the Initial Evaluation Process Work?

Our five-step process makes it easy to get your child started with our therapies:

  1. Contact us: Your doctor can call us, or you can request care through our online form.
  2. Receive a signed referral: Before proceeding, we will need a signed referral from your doctor.
  3. Provided evaluation: A personalized evaluation for your child will determine whether they can benefit from our services.
  4. Wait for insurance approval: We will send your final paperwork to your insurance company and wait for approval before starting therapy sessions.
  5. Begin therapy: Your child can now begin sessions in their therapy program. 

What Ages Do You Serve?

Premier Pediatric Therapy can provide personalized services from birth to 21.

What Is the Cost of Pediatric Therapy Services?

The exact cost of our developmental therapy services may vary as most are covered by insurance. We will review the benefits and what your insurance company can cover before determining the amount. Private pay options are also available to cover pediatric therapy expenses.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept most major commercial insurances and Medicaid. We can let you know if your insurance is accepted or if any issues arise after you complete the paperwork to apply for our services.

Do I Need a Referral for Therapy Services?

You do not need a referral to request care, but we'll need a signed referral before we can provide therapy services. If you do not have one from your child's doctor, our office can help you obtain one and begin therapy sessions. 

Where Will Therapy Services Be Performed?

We believe it is essential and beneficial for your child to learn in an environment where they feel most comfortable. For this reason, Premier Pediatric Therapy provides in-home services for residents around Texas. 

We can meet your child at home, school or daycare to ease transportation challenges and help them feel safe. Services like feeding therapy for children, for example, should take place in a comfortable environment where your child will feel at ease while a speech or occupational therapist works with them.

What Areas in Texas Do You Serve?

We pride ourselves as one of Texas's top children's therapy centers, serving Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, West Texas and the surrounding counties

How Long Should Therapy Services Last for My Child?

Every child's developmental timeline is different, so we cannot give an exact timeframe for therapy services. As sessions continue, we will evaluate and reassess to ensure our treatment plans are effective.

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If you have any further questions, contact us at Premier Pediatric Therapy today by calling 888-865-4538 or requesting an appointment online. Let us walk alongside your child and help them become more confident in their abilities.