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On-Site Developmental Therapy in Houston, Texas

After years of in-home therapy services, Premier Pediatric Therapy now offers on-site sessions for your child at our clinic in Houston, Texas. Like in your home, our in-clinic therapy services will include an individualized program provided by board-certified therapists to meet your child's needs. Our team of speech-language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists and behavior analysts are dedicated to providing the care your child needs to grow in their confidence and abilities.

Premier Pediatric Therapy Clinic Location

At Premier Pediatric Therapy, our team is proud to serve families with compassionate, proven services. We are dedicated to providing the same level of individualized, evidence-backed, on-site therapies at our location, doing our best to help your child develop confidence, independence and various skills.

We currently have one on-site clinic in Texas. 

11820 Cypress Corner Lane Houston, Texas 77065

In-Clinic Speech, Physical, Occupational and ABA Therapies

Each of our therapies follows a play-based model to treat your child in a safe environment to facilitate learning. 

Speech Therapy

When your child has trouble communicating, speech therapy can help. They'll learn how to express themselves and other basic language skills.

Physical Therapy

Whether your child has a sports injury or a condition that affects motor skills, physical therapy can make movement easier and less painful by helping them gain strength, balance and coordination.

Occupational Therapy

Improving your child's everyday quality of life is the focus of occupational therapy. Your child's therapist will help them learn to eat, bathe and dress on their own to the best of their ability.

ABA Therapy

Discourage negative behaviors and help your child thrive in interpersonal relationships through applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, most commonly used to help individuals affected by an autism spectrum disorder.

Speech Therapy

If you have noticed that your child has found communication to be a challenge, they would greatly benefit from our speech therapy program. Our services specialize in auditory processing, speech production, verbal and nonverbal communication and general social skills. Enhancing a child's oral motor mobility can address feeding and swallowing obstacles.

Physical Therapy

Whether your child is healing from a sports injury or needs assistance developing motor skills, physical therapy can help. Our physical therapy program might be the right course of treatment if your child could improve their:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Posture and gait
  • Strength and muscle tone
  • Range of motion in joints
  • Developmental play skills

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work with children who have cognitive, movement and coordination difficulties to help them gain higher levels of independence. Our occupational therapy program can address and encourage:

  • Expanded interaction and communication skills
  • Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Independence with daily living activities
  • Sensory processing 
  • Handwriting development

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

A source of communication or emotional expression for children can be found through their imagination while playing. With ABA therapy, we can examine your child's behaviors through our play-based model to determine the best treatment route. Some things we look for include their ability to:

  • Establish friendships
  • Become independent
  • Use coping skills
  • Function in real-world scenarios

Benefits of In-Clinic Therapy

While every therapy setting has its benefits, in-clinic sessions offer more advantages than in-home sessions. In-clinic therapies offer:

  • A safe and controlled environment for your child to learn and our therapists to establish consistency in the treatment plan.
  • Increased frequency of appointments, helping your child meet goals faster.
  • An ability for your child to mentally distinguish the home from therapy.
  • A distraction-free environment that enhances learning techniques.
  • Peers of the same age or skill set for your child to interact with. 
  • A highly trained team with experience addressing challenging behaviors.

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